Dating and Relationship Coach and NLP Practioner

Dating and Relationship Coach and NLP Practioner

Discover how to date intentionally… Meet the best match for you… Put the joy back in dating…

Jérémie Raude-Leroy
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… all while being true to yourself!

Hello! I’m Rea, your coach.

I follow an empathy-led approach, with a non-judgmental attitude and authenticity throughout any coaching. I believe that all people are resourceful, purposeful, and have a lot of potential.

After spending years dating in my mid-40s in London, I realised the problem with the dating process is that many people are trying to find a partner based on a checklist while having patterns and limiting beliefs that hold them back. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, healing, acquiring knowledge and skills, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, believing, and trusting.

I met many interesting people, had a couple of heartbreaks, and had a few a-ha moments along the way. It was not an overnight transformation. It was a process, a journey, a stretch…

After working on myself and practicing better communication, I met a wonderful partner in the most unexpected circumstances on a dating app but also found my true vocation; helping others to do the same.

I want to share all I have learned with other women looking for a committed relationship to experience a smoother journey and experience the wonderful feeling of building with a loving partner with a growth mindset.

I trained in NLP and somatic coaching and am now a certified NLP practitioner with somatic coaching skills. My mission is to make the dating process a journey of self-discovery, growth, relationship skills building, and a fun adventure. I call this intentional and conscious dating.

If you are a single woman seeking self-growth and your life partner and are ready to invest in getting the relationship you want and deserve, book a Free Dating Empowerment session with me on my website. We can review your challenges and see if it is a fit to work together!

Lots of love


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